Hemaya condemns murdering Abu Ein during a peaceful protest against occupation.

Hemaya condemns murdering Abu Ein during a peaceful protest against occupation.
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Hemaya Center for Human Rights strongly condemns the crime of murdering the 55- year old Zeyad Muhammed Ahmed Abu Ein, minister and head of the PLO”S Commission against the Separation and Settlements, which was committed by Israeli troops after attacking and beating him directly and hitting him with gas canister.

According to the testimony conducted by Hemaya researchers, Abu Ein was leading a demonstration organized by the Commission Against the Separation Wall and Settlements in co-operation with People Committee and the farmers of Turmus Aya village in order to plant tree olives that symbolizes their rejection to the occupation on the international day of human rights which was on Wednesday 10.12.2014

 During the demonstration, Israeli troops attacked the participants using excessive power and hit them directly with gas canister. An Israeli soldier hit Abu Ein directly with his helmet which made Abu Ein lose his conscious and consequently he was transferred to hospital where medical resources declared his death few seconds after his arrival.

The attack that Israeli troops did against peaceful Palestinian demonstrators is unjustified and violates international laws and conventions. Particularly that the participants were not in a fight or clash with the occupation forces and it was during practicing a peaceful event that rejects the occupation. This is an international crime according to article No.147 of the 4th Geneva Convention for protecting civilians.

We at Hemaya Center for Human Rights condemn this attack and confirm that this crime is a result of Israeli occupation use of excessive power unjustifiably against The Palestinian civilians. This is a dangerous violation to all the international agreements and conventions which assure the right to freedom of expression and peaceful grouping. The humanitarian and international law and the 4th Geneva Convention in 1949 guarantee the civilians’ rights of protection against any attack. Therefore we:

  1. Condemn the use of deadly power against peaceful demonstrators and we stress that this is an extrajudicial murder.
  2. Call on the necessity of forming a committee to investigate this crime to bring those responsible before International Court.
  3. Call on the highly international parties to put a pressure on the occupation state to apply the rules of international and humanitarian law on the occupied Palestinian territories.

Hemaya Center for Human Rights.