HCHR Calls for establishing international monitoring center in OPTs

 The mass terrible crimes the Israeli occupation committed against the Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip during the Israeli military assault threatened lives and safety of Palestinian civilians.


These crimes are in violation of the international law and humanitarian norms as more than 2000 Palestinian civilians have been killed and over 10 thousands were injured including women, children and the elderly.


The statistical data conducted by Hemaya center for human rights HCHR researchers indicates that the Israeli   genocide against civilians that took place in the Gaza Strip from July 7th to August 28th, 2014 was the most violent and terrible criminal act Israel ever committed against the Palestinian people.


Israeli forces  adopted genocide strategy against entire families and citizens gatherings for killing as many as they can and to force these people to  abandon support of  the Palestinian resistance and make a rift in the eternal palestinaian front so that the palestinian people would be in a serious  condition of terror and fear .


IOF aimed also to displace Palestinian people and expel them once again out of their homes in the Gaza strip.



HCHR researchers conducted 69 Israeli massacres against Palestinian citizens throughout the Israeli war on Gaza, killing 354 people. Twenty massacres have been committed in Gaza governorate leaving 135 civilians dead and 13 other massacres have been committed in the northern governorate, leaving 58 civilians dead.


Moreover, Israel committed nine massacres in the middle governorate leaving 35 civilians dead and 19 massacres in Khan Younis governorate leaving 132 civilians dead and 7 other massacres in Rafah governorate leaving 32 civilians dead.



The following table shows classification over these crimes:



Khan Younis,






Family of Abu Jamea, 26 martyrs


Syamfamily : 11 martyrs

Haj family : 8 Martyrs

Batch family;  18 martyrs

Family of Abu Jarad 8 Martyrs

Najjar family : 20 martyrs



Family of Abu Zeid:  7 martyrs

Family of Abu Dahdouh :  5 Martyrs

AlheluFamily : 11 martyr's

Family of Shinbari:  7 Martyrs


Astal family :15 martyr's


Asha'erfamily : 4 martyrs

Manasra family: 4 martyrs

Kilanifamily: 11 martyr's

Hamad family : 6 martyrs

Agha's family: 14 martyrs



Hassanein family :  4 Martyrs

Khattab family : 5 martyrs

Ayyad family : 10 martyrs

Zweidi family:5 martyrs

ZourobFamily : 9 Martyrs


Sheikh Eid family: 3 martyrs


Zyada family: 3 martyrs

Ghoul family:  10 Martyrs

Najm family: 5 martyrs


Family : 8 Martyrs



family of Abu Sunaina: 3 Martyrs

Briam Family: 3 Martyrs

Family Skafi: 9 Martyrs

Hamdiya  family : 4 Martyrs


Family of Abu Muammar : 6 Martyrs





Arjafamily : 2 martyrs

Family of  Muheisen: 3 Martyrs

Family of Qassas : 9 Martyrs

Family of Abu Atia: 4 Martyrs



Radwan family : 4 Martyrs

 Martyrs 3

4 family living martyrs




family Aldalou: 6 martyrs

Family of Abu Musallm: 3 Martyrs

Hayya family: 4 martyrs


Abu Shreiteh family:2martys

Hallaq family : 7 martyrs

Radie' family:3 martyrs

Sha'ath family: 4 martyrs


Maqat'a family: 2 martyrs

Qassas family :9 martyrs

Abd Annaby Family: 3 Martyrs

Abu Jazar family: 3 Martyrs



Yazji Family: 5 Martyrs

Hammouda family: Two martyrs

Abu Daqqa family :1 Martyr



Hayya family:4 Martyrs


Abd Ghafur family: 2 martyrs



Hajjaj family: 5 martyrs


Abit Family : 2 Martyrs



Entiz Family: 3 martyrs


Briem Family :2 martyrs



Dief family: 3 martyrs


Abadlah family : 2 martyrs



Sheheiber family : 3 martyrs


Abu Shahla family: 4 martyrs



Zahbut family: two martyrs





Qajaq family : 2 martyrs













Victims who fell in Israeli massacres against the palestinaian families were estimated 17.5% of the whole war victims' toll.


Israel followed strategy of mass murder against families,neighborhoods and Palestinian communities since it had occupied Palestine in 1948 in order to empty the Palestinian territories of its citizens and force them to immigrate so Israel can confiscate the Palestinian land and establish settlements.


Israeli has committed 120 massacres throughout occupation era of Palestine, killing and wounding thousands of Palestinians.


One of most notably Israeli massacres is the carnage Israeli gangs committed in the Arab market in Haifa in July 1938, whereas 35 Palestinian were killed noting that Israel had committed 14 massacres in Haifa only before 1948.


Israel committed also the massacre of Saraya Arabiyya in the city of Jaffa in January 8th and massacre of Quds Arabiya market in August 26th , 1938 where 34 Palestinians  were killed. Israeli also committed massacre of Safad city in May 13th, 1948 leaving 70 citizens dead and massacre of Qybia that left 69 Palestinians dead ..etc.






In the light of Israeli continuous massacres, Hemaya Center for Human Rights HCHR strongly condemns such horrible crimes, confirming they have been committed deliberately and intentionally by Israeli occupation forces.

HCAH confirms that these crimes, which have been witnessed by the whole world and human right institutions and right organizations, are in violation to human rights laws and international norms especially the Fourth Geneva Conventionand the Rome Statute as well as principles of the UN Human RightsCovenant.


 Therefore HCHR calls for criminals and perpetrators of these crimes to be accounted and brought to trial in accordance with relating laws and international norms.



HCHR Documents Such Crimes and Calls for:


  1. The United Nations and affiliated organizations to investigate these crimes and prosecute criminals and perpetrators and bring them to international justice.
  2. The Palestinian National Authority must join the Rome Statute of the ICC immediately.
  3. HCHR calls on pressing Israel in order to respect and apply international laws relating to the Palestinians as people under occupation.
  4. Israeli crimes committed during the last war on Gaza in July and August must not be separated from crimes that israel committed in the last decades.


  1.  There is an urgent need to establish an international monitoring center in the Palestinian territories under UN supervision in order to monitor and document the crimes Israel commits against the Palestinians in the Palestinian territories.


  1. HCHR calls for establishment of international body to pursue Israeli criminals and bring them to justice and ban them to move or travel till legal proceedings relating to them are over.


  1. Human rights associations and rights organizations in Palestine and outside Palestine should initiate and pursue the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian families in judicial bodies and international legal institutions.


Hemaya Center for Human Rights- HCHR


September 2, 20114