HCHR condemns killing and burning the Palestinian Child Abu Khudair, demands the international community toprotect Palestinian civiliansand halt Israeli violations

Israeli settlers kidnapped, burned and killed on Wednesday July, 2 the Palestinian 16-year-old child Mohammed Abu Khudair from Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat, where he was kidnapped on his way to Dawn prayers. Few hours later, his body was found burnt and mutilated in a forest near the village of Deir Yassin.

This heinous crime indicates Israel's continuous aggressive policies against the Palestinian civilians, including terrorism and fascism, which are undertaken by Israeli settlers.

Such Israeli connivance to settlers horrible aggressions against Palestinian civilians requires an immediate and serious international act by the international community , the UN human rights organizations as well as international human rights organizations to  trial and pressurize the Israeli occupation to stop this policy and to bring perpetrators of the crime  to justice in accordance with the rules of international law,  which obliges the Israeli  occupation to hold fully responsibility for  protection of  the civilians in OPT.

The continuation of such crimes threatens peace and security in the region and may reignite violence that would put lives of civilians and social security at risk. Therefore, the UN Security Council as well as the UN General Assembly have to take a tough stand to stop Israeli criminal acts.

HCHR strongly condemns the heinous crime of Abu Khudair murder as well as criminal acts by Israeli settlers, particularly the so-called group of " Price Tag" under IOF protection.

HCHR stresses that these criminal acts are crimes against humanity and serious violations of the rules of international law. In addition, HCHR warns of the deteriorating situation in the region.  Therefore:


1- HCHR calls for pressurizing Israeli occupation to approve an investigation by a neutral state and trial the criminals who committed the crime.

2- HCHR calls for putting an end to the Israeli violations in the OPT , including murder, detention and ongoing bombing raids against the Gaza Strip.



3- HCHR demands PCHR calls upon theinternational community, especially the United Nations, the High Contracting Parties to theGeneva Convention– in the context of their natural obligation torespect and enforce the international law – to oppose Israeli crimes and human rights violations, and to trial perpetrators of this crime

4- HCHR demands the United Nations as well as the Arab League to oppose the Israeli occupation and condemn Israeli escalating aggression against the Palestinian people.


Hemaya Center for Human Rights – HCHR

July, 3 2014