HCHR organizes workshop on protecting the human right to life under the electricity crisis

Hemaya Center for Human Rights HCHR organized Wednesday April 3, 2013 a workshop entitled '' Protecting the human right to life under the electricity crisis"  in Arc Mead Hotel based in Gaza.

Many people attended the workshop including the workshop director Nehad S. Khalil, HCHR administrative member Adeeb Rabai , general manager of Electricity and power in Gaza Awni Naim and  director of training in civil defense Hussein Eid Zourob.

Nehad S. Khalil initiated the workshop, pointing out that electricity is a human right that cannot be dispensed, and its risk caused deaths and property destruction. He explained that the Gaza Strip needs 400 MW of power, yet the available quantity of power is 250 MW only.


Adib Rabai talked about the right of life and the legal texts that guaranteed such right, including the Palestinian Basic law, particularly the Article No. (32)  in public rights and freedoms


April 3,2013