A report about the Israeli agression against Gaza strip during June 2014

A report about the Israeli agression against Gaza strip during June 2014
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The Israeli occubation has killed five citizins and twenty three are injured ,and fifty two air invasion against Gaza

The occupation has escalated his agressions against Gaza strip during the last month ,and it is described as the worst attack since the beginning the new year . The occubation has used his agression offensively , it has used air invasions and the direct rockets against the civilian people in Gaza strip . The researchers of the center have observed 52 attack against the strip during the month which have caused many destructions to the people and their possessions in many sectors in the strip ,and it has killed and injured many people in the strip .

Such agressions have created a bad and frightful weather for Gazans ,and it confirms that such agressions violate the humaniterian international law, the Fourth Geneva convention  and the united nations agreements ,and it threats the civilian and innocent people .Moreover, it is considered as war crimes that must be introduced to the international court


In the same context ,the Israeli occubation has penetrate for times in Gaza strip , at that time they have committed some destructive actions against the lands ,homes and many sides ai Gaza strip. The researchers of the center have observed shotting fire against the people and their homes ,and there were nine invations against the fishermen and their boats during their fishing .

Moreover, the Israeli occupation has put some restrictions agianst  the crossings , Israel has blocked all the crossings that join to Gaza strip . It has caused some proplems to the people in many sides : econimic,healthy and the agricultural sectors.Moreover, they have prevented the necessary potentials that are entered to Gaza strip